The First Fully-Charged EV Marketplace

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What Drives Us

No, we aren't there yet. But we're headed that way.

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    Unpolluted Listings
    If you're going electric, you've already made up your mind. We won't waste your time by showing you listings for cars with combustion engines.
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    Treating EVs Differently
    EVs are different from the ground up. There's no point in estimating their worth with old formulas.
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    Powered By People
    People deserve intuitive and powerful tools to help them find the best deals. We're here to help you every step of the way.
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    Privacy and Transparency
    We don't harvest your private information or surprise you with hidden fees. What you see is what you get.
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    Melting the Ice Age
    No more state restrictions or franchise limitations. We leverage social media to speed up sales and reduce delivery costs.
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    Efficiency and Expertise
    The best tools and resources to help you research and compare EVs. Get access to reliable history reports and help with EV specific finance, insurance and warranties.
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    Unbiased Service and Pricing
    Flat fees no matter what. Never deal with private sellers who let dealers buy their way to the front. Dealers never pay more for the traffic their own inventory helps bring to our site.
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    The Largest Selection Ever
    Dealers, private sellers and direct-to-consumer manufacturers are all welcome. If you build an electric vehicle, you have a seat at the table.
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    Special Perks
    If exclusive offers and discounts sound appealing to you, keep an eye out, we'll make it a reality for our users.

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